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Assessment Solutions

Powerful insights to enhance performance

Providing clients with affordable assessment solutions, and insightful predictive data analytics to make informed talent decisions to meet your future strategic objectives

We combine decades of expertise with innovative and commercially available assessment solutions and methodology to help you make critical HR and talent decisions. Our assessment solutions will empower you with contextually relevant, evidence based, valid, reliable, predictive, and insightful information and recommendations for selection, development, succession planning, and more. Our assessment solutions also provide an opportunity for the individual, leaders and their teams to understand their strengths, development areas and opportunities to improve their efficiency and performance. 

Given the strategic importance of selecting the right talent to lead your organisation into the future, we appreciate the need to provide you with a customised, fit-for-purpose assessment solution which reflects  a clear understanding of your company culture, competency and capability requirements, talent acquisition strategy, structures and roles, and unique business context. Our assessment specialists are accredited in a wide range of global best practice psychometric assessments and tools. This makes us well positioned to ensure we are able to provide you with the most cost effective way to gather the insights you need to meet your requirements.


To leverage data-driven insights and help drive business performance, qualitative and quantitative assessment methods and assessment reports need to be linked to your organisation’s competency model and framework with a clear link to the competencies and behaviours required in various roles across the entire organisation. We are able to provide you with a model and framework if you do not have one of your own or our business psychology experts are able to partner with you to design a bespoke competency model and framework for your organisation.


Apart from indicating behavioural requirements, a competency framework should make provision not only for the identification of competency gaps but also provide insight into development opportunities to maximise potential and performance. We have developed a library of competency development guides but can also custom design guides to prepare employees for specific positions and thereby facilitating the development of organisational succession planning.



Using psychometric and competency based assessments to screen, identify and select talent for various roles and your organisation.

  • End to end assessment administration

  • Competency based interviews

  • Cost effective and bespoke assessment batteries

  • Data integration and talent analytics   

  • Customised and integrative reporting

  • Assessment dashboards and merit ranking 


Using assessments in talent management initiatives to identify people that will lead teams and your organisation into the future.

  • Graduate selection 

  • High potential identification and development

  • Succession planning

  • Career planning and management

  • Team effectiveness and engagement

  • Performance improvement process



Our 360° insights are provided in the context of a powerful and dynamic leadership framework. It offers an opportunity to:

  • Reflect on how they are perceived by others

  • Compare their natural leadership style with the behaviours that cultivate performance

  • Explore their strengths and opportunities for improvement in leading people and leading business


Using assessments in team and individual coaching and mentoring processes to:

  • Provide a foundation for reflection and insights about strengths, personal challenges and skills needed for success

  • Encourage and facilitate critical thinking, reflection, and selection of personal coaching objectives

  • Provide context-rich insights to accelerate learning and facilitate post-program learning



Using assessments to conduct a skills audit or talent review to:

  • Identify the current skills base and leadership bench strength and how this can be optimally utilised in the workplace

  • Identify the skills gaps in relation to the demands to deliver on the strategic mandate

  • Contribute to the development of the workforce plan

  • Identify where training and development interventions are needed

  • Highlight areas where new talent is required


We conduct climate and culture surveys to:

  • Provide a secure and confidential platform where employees can share their thoughts, concerns, or appreciation without concerns of being identified or victimised

  • Elicit open and honest feedback as we do not have direct ties to your organisation

  • Help identify areas of inefficiency and potential performance barriers within the organisation

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We customize or design best practice Competency Frameworks and Competency Assessment Frameworks to:

  • Define the competencies, behaviours and level of proficiency required for success in your organisation

  • Enable a common language, certainty, and clarity of desired employee behaviour to be used across all HR functions

  • Ensure an objective consistent, fair and reliable approach to assessment

  • Empower employees to proactively manage their own careers


Our experts will:

  • Advise on psychometric assessments to include in the battery

  • Design and administer competency-based assessment tools for targeted roles, functions, or levels (business simulations, case studies, in-basket exercises, and more)

  • Gather behavioural evidence to provide you with a realistic and predictive measure or performance 

  • Help determine leadership bench strength in your organisation

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We are ready to provide you with assessment support and insights to supercharge your organisation. Contact us to find out more

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