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Cyber Law

Advising you on data privacy and security 

Advising clients on the protection of internet-connected systems, technologies, and information disclosure to minimize business disruption and prevent cyber attacks

Our cybersecurity legal advisory services are aimed at mitigating information security risk. We can help you deal with the myriad legal security requirements, cybersecurity decisions to reduce your cybersecurity burden, and help improve your resilience, compliance and productivity in the face of ever-growing cyber threats.

Cyber Risk Advisory Services

Providing legal advice in the following:

  • Statutory laws and regulatory compliance

  • Cyber risk

  • Cybersecurity governance

  • Confidentiality, data privacy and data protection

  • Promotion to access to information 

Cybersecurity Audit & Compliance 

Providing legal advisory services in the following:

  • Due diligence cybersecurity assessment of threats and vulnerabilities

  • Cybersecurity benchmark analysis

  • Risk landscape measurement

  • Cybersecurity compliance needs and gaps

  • Data protection compliance

  • Cybersecurity controls and compliance

Business Meeting

Cybersecurity Awareness & Training

Providing the following online training modules and workshops:

  • Widgets - quick access to information

  • The internet of things (IOT) - Cybersecurity awareness

  • Data privacy and cybercrime

  • POPIA and data protection

  • Data privacy and protection

We are ready to help you reduce your data privacy and cybersecurity risk. Contact us to find out more

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