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Policies, Terms & Conditions and more

Recent legal notices, policies and other required information for your notice and convenient reference

Our legal notices, policies and other information contained on the Exceed The Bar (ETB) Website may be amended by us from time to time to reflect any updated regulatory, legal requirements or rules of the regulatory bodies which govern our professional activities and which may in turn impact the Legal Advisory and Business Consulting services and solutions we offer. We encourage you to review these documents to build your understanding related to ETB and related aspects that may be important to you. 

Copyright © Exceed The Bar (Pty) Ltd. 2020 - 2070. All rights reserved. All copyright and other intellectual property rights in all text, images, sound, software and other materials on this site are owned by Exceed The Bar or are included with permission of the relevant owner. You are permitted to browse the Exceed The Bar Website and reproduce extracts by way of printing or downloading electronically but, in all cases, for non-commercial, informational and personal purposes only. No reproduction of any part may be sold or distributed for commercial gain nor shall it be modified or incorporated in any other work, publication or website, whether in hard copy or electronic format. 

How to use PAIA Guide (ENGLISH)


Request for access to ETB Record

How to use PAIA Guide (AFRIKAANS)

Request for copy of PAIA Guide

Application to Correct-Delete-Destroy Personal Information

How to use PAIA Guide (SESOTHO)

Objection to Processing of Personal Information

B-BBEE Certificate


We care about you and your rights. Contact us if there are any further questions relating to the listed policies and legal notices.

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