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Online Law Lectures

Learning modules & resources for law students

Helping you build a foundation to succeed in your law studies and future career

We have developed accurate, authoritative online learning content in a range of formats that will ensure learner engagement and successOur online learning content and law tutoring provides you access to recorded lectures, workbooks, notes, tools, etc., to get the help you need to succeed in your studies. Our content and online learning offering is based on the following approach:

Our Approach


Content is simple, relevant, relatable, easy to follow, and easy to understand


Method of delivery is practical and applicable which makes the content easy to remember


High quality tips, tools, examples, guides, templates, and other resources 


Short, impactful and on-the-go modules to select from and do in your own time

Our Lectures and Learning Resources


We have a range of e-learning lectures and learning resources available for the following LLB subjects.

We have the below listed free lectures available to help you build a foundation to succeed in your law studies and future career.

For other e-learning lectures and learning resources click on the link below.

We are ready to provide you with the learning support you need.
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