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Talent Management & HR Consulting

Expert services to enhance performance

Providing clients with data-driven Talent Management and HR Consulting solutions to address the demanding questions reflected in all aspects of HR and the entire life cycle of an employee

We aim to provide solutions, services, practical tools to help you address the following:

  • the debate about the organisation’s future strategic priorities and required actionable strategies

  • the design of functional and organisational structures to deliver on the organisation's mandate

  • identifying and defining roles that are becoming more critical in the new or changing market-place

  • how to future proof your talent pipeline for future critical roles

  • tough conversations about the required contribution and benchmarks to drive performance

  • assessing readiness through strategic talent reviews

  • the implication of critical competency gaps in a quest to meet future business demands

  • defining an attractive Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and brand strategies best suited for your desired organisation culture

  • talent acquisition, recruitment and retention strategies

  • identification of high performing talent and building a talent pipeline of potential successors for key and or critical roles

  • how best to equip the emerging talent with the experience and skills to operate effectively

  • onboarding, induction and talent development solutions to ensure well adjusted and high performing employees

  • how to identify and improve employee well-being, engagement and productivity

Talent Acquisition & Management

Our team of experts will help you with the following:

  • defining strategic priorities

  • creating and implementing a Talent Management, Talent Acquisition, and Talent Retention Strategy

  • creating an attractive EVP and brand strategy

  • creating functional and orginisational structures

  • creating and benchmarking job descriptions 

  • conducting talent audits and gap analysis

  • potential identification 

  • talent pipelining and talent mapping

  • talent data analytics

  • and more

Offering you solutions to ensure adaptive capacity and accelerated performance of employees through:

  • induction and on-boarding of new joiners

  • performance management and optimization solutions

  • job competency profiling and mapping

  • career development 

  • high potential and graduate programs 

  • succession planning and management

  • coaching and mentorship programs

  • soft-skills and competency development programs

  • and more 

Talent Development & Performance Optimization

Stressed Woman

Talent Retention, Well-Being & Engagement

Offering assistance in the following:

  • developing retention strategies

  • conducting organisation wide climate surveys to have a better understanding of the view the employees have of the organisation

  • employee engagement and work satisfaction surveys

  • assessing employee well-being and psychological safety

  • stress management and personal mastery programs

  • diversity, inclusion and cultural sensitivity programs

  • and more

We are ready to support you with Talent Management and other HR Consulting requirements.
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