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Leadership & Team Effectiveness

Enhancing efficiency and performance

Empower your organisation with our range of bespoke and scalable data driven insights, solutions, and business psychology expertise to navigate the challenges you face relating to effectiveness, engagement, and performance

The business environment we operate in today highlights the need for strategic transformation and organisational effectiveness solutions to transform leaders, teams, and organisations. In partnering with us, you will receive guidance, advice, and an unbiased perspective on the unique business problems you face. This will help you choose a solution that leverages business psychology and data analytics to help individuals, teams, and organisations reach their full potential and exceed performance expectations.

Drawing on world-class leadership research, data driven insights, and our hard-won expertise, we are committed to helping leaders at all levels in your organisation navigate today’s disruptive challenges. We believe that our success lies in using a data driven approach and methodology used to inform the design and delivery of our Leadership and Team Effectiveness Solutions. 

Our Approach 


Assessing to uncover what is unique and most important to leaders, teams and the future of your organisation 


Connecting strategy to business results by designing tailored solutions based on a deep understanding of the factors influencing individual, team and organisational effectiveness 


Igniting transformational change and driving team and leadership effectiveness through dynamic human centered development experiences matched to your unique context


Measuring impact at critical points along the way to ensure you are on track and to uncover any factors impeding progress that would require you to re-align, re-focus, and reinforce your efforts

About Our Leadership and Team Effectiveness Solutions 

Team Effectiveness

Effective teams fuel the accomplishment of strategic goals in an organisation. In return, effective individuals magnify the accomplishments of teams and enable organisations to achieve excellence.


To increase the ability of individuals to work as a team, increase productivity and enhance team performance, it is important to:

  • understand the strengths and improvement opportunities 

  • build capacity 

  • reduce ineffective practices and possible derailers

  • prepare a plan for on-going team effectiveness

Our team effectiveness solutions are developed based on the function and interaction of the following major components and needs in your organisation:

  • alignment with strategic plans, goals and objectives 

  • clarification of roles and responsibilities

  • understanding oganisational change and transformation requirements

  • understanding the stages of team development

  • current and desired functioning of the team 

  • team's composition and design

  • individual styles and preferences 

  • team dysfunction and derailers to success

  • establishing trust relationships and enhancing communication

  • navigating, managing and resolving conflict

  • the role of psychological safety in performance

  • building agile, adaptable, and resilient teams

  • effectively dealing with change, managing stress and preventing burn-out

Today’s leaders are under immense pressure to perform given the unprecedented challenges they face. Our ICF trained Executive Coaches establish a professional relationship and utilise a deliberate, personalized process and methodology to facilitate lasting change beyond the coaching engagement. We combine data driven insights and personal contracting in our executive coaching engagement to ensure personal commitment to the process. We aim to: 

  • identify development opportunities through a robust leadership assessment or 360 Degree Feedback process

  • support personal development with a focused, customised development plan

  • facilitate covert insight and enable sustained behvioural change

  • operationalize the self-actualization pattern congruent with business objectives and the leader’s aspirations

  • identify personal drivers, preferences and habitual self-defeating scripts

  • improve and leverage leadership skills and capability

  • increase personal productivity and performance

  • improve team work and build productive relationships

  • Iiprove communication and the ability to resolve conflict

  • facilitate behaviour change in the work context

Executive Coaching

Leadership Development

Being in a leadership position, tests your tenacity, perseverance, agility, and your sense of self. Your success as leader is evident in your ability to influence a myriad of organizational outcomes such as employee engagement, retention, productivity, and performance. Given the complexity, uncertainty, competition and challenges leaders face, it is necessary to prepare them to meet the ever evolving needs of their organisations and shape a better future for themselves and those they lead. Accelerated leadership development is vital to cultivate the mindset and behaviours needed for success at all levels of the organisation. 

Our bespoke Leadership Development solutions leverage a combination of assessments, immersive learning, coaching, and strategies to design learning experiences that deliver lasting change. We offer support with:

  • leadership assessments for recruitment, selection, succession and high performance programs

  • defining the leadership bench strength in your organisation using insightful assessment data

  • facilitating a leadership 360 Degree Feedback process for performance enhancement

  • career planning and management services

  • supporting personal development with focused, customised development plans 

  • strategic self-awareness and personal mastery to help leaders take a closer at themselves and the skills they need to improve

  • developing resilience and an adaptive capacity within your organisation

  • developing leadership skills to grow a team culture, enhance productivity, and drive performance 

  • developing the skills to thrive in uncertainty, solve complex problems, and effectively lead change and transformation

We are ready to help you enhance individual, team and leadership performance to supercharge your organisation. Contact us to find out more

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