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Reviewing the Laws

Legal Advisory Services

Expert advice to protect your interests

Providing you with legal guidance and advice on a broad range of issues arising from day-to-day personal and operational matters

Our legal advisors are here to provide you with affordable and timeous access to competent and efficient legal assistance to ensure peace of mind that your rights are enforced and protected. In order to meet our obligations, we work at ensuring that we comply with all the regulations governing our profession and the work we do. We keep up to date with case law and continually tap into international trends in our industry to ensure that we evolve our offering to meet international best practice.

Judge's Table

Corporate & Commercial Law

Providing legal advice in the following:

  • Alternative dispute resolution

  • Commercial agreements

  • Registration of companies

  • Corporate governance

  • E-commerce

  • Forensic investigations and due diligence

  • Compliance and data protection

  • Intellectual Property - Copyright and Trade Marks

  • Property development

Book of Laws

Estates, Wills & Trusts

Providing estate planning and support in the following:

  • Drafting and safekeeping of wills

  • Estate planning

  • Mortis causa and inter vivos trusts

Real Estate Contract with Pen and Calculator

Personal Life Planning 

Providing the correct legal advice on personal matters re:

  • Debt consultation 

  • Liquidation and insolvencies

  • Antenuptial contracts

  • Maintenance disputes

  • Representation at disciplinary inquiries

  • Dismissal disputes and appeals

We are ready to provide you with professional Legal Advisory and Business Consulting services and advice on personal and organisational matters. Contact us to find out more

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